The Ranch and Us

The Berniard Ranch is owned by Lewis and Dorothy Berniard. Lewis manages the ranch and does most of the guiding. Lewis has hunted and guided for whitetail deer for over 40 years and continues to enjoy the challenge of matching wits with these amazing animals.

The Ranch

The ranch is located about 10 miles east of Junction, Texas in Kimble County, and borders the Llano River. Junction is on Interstate 10,  about 60 miles from Kerrville and Fredericksburg, 120 miles from San Antonio, and 300 miles from Houston and Dallas. 300 of the ranch’s 328 acres are high fenced. The ranch is comprised of rugged hills and canyons, dense cedar and oak thickets, and an expansive mesa. This diverse habitat affords good escape and bedding cover for the wildlife and a rewarding hunting experience.


Beautiful white-tailed deer at Berniard Ranch in the Texas Hill Country.The ranch has abundant wildlife, including whitetail deer and a few exotics (Fallow Deer). The animals on the ranch, including the exotics, were either there when the high fence was built or born on the ranch afterwards….none were brought in. Our deer herd currently has about 1.5 bucks/doe. Although we are high fenced, our deer continue wild and wary. If they smell, hear, or see you they’re gone.

Management Practices

The ranch is in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Managed Lands Program (MLD) which offers an extended hunting season and prescribed harvest quotas. To be in this program the ranch needs to implement specific, approved habitat and wildlife management practices. Included are extensive deer surveys to determine herd size and sex ratios. As a result, we spend a lot of time observing our deer every year which proves very beneficial when hunting season rolls around! We have a year around protein feeding program that has been in place since 2001, ensuring optimum nutrition. The protein is fed from demand feeders so it’s there when the deer need it. The protein is supplemented with corn during the hunting season. Our deer are in good shape year around.

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