Hunt Specifics


Hunters provide their own lodging and meals in either Junction, TX or Segovia, TX (both about 15 minutes from ranch). There are a number of motels in and around Junction that we can give you contact information for. We pick you up and return you to the motels for the morning and evening hunts.

Hunting Seasons/Requirements

Because of our Managed Lands Status (MLD) our whitetail deer season usually begins about October 1 and lasts until late February. During that time we can hunt by any legal means, including rifle. You will need a valid Texas hunting license and before hunting you will be required to sign forms for release of liability and permission to allow photos of your hunt to be put on our web site. These forms are available for your review prior to the hunt if you desire. You may purchase your hunting license many places in Texas or online at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Web site. This Web site also gives a toll free number for phone contact. We encourage hunters to have their licenses before arriving for the hunt if possible. Hunters should pay particular attention to the requirements for Hunter Education, especially for youth hunters. You will use our tags and not those on your hunting license.  Hunter safety is stressed at all times.  No alcohol is permitted on the ranch.  We encourage hunters to have their rifles sighted in before arriving for the hunt. However, for those traveling by plane or who have concerns about their firearm we have an excellent rifle range.


All hunts require deposits to confirm a hunting time in our schedule. Deposits are usually not refundable. Deposits may be refundable if another hunter can be booked during the same hunting days that hunting season and for the same class of deer. We schedule hunts assuming all our hunters will be successful. We do not book extra hunters assuming some will be unsuccessful. These are not “guaranteed” hunts, but in the unlikely event that one of our hunters is unsuccessful, only then will we book another hunter.  We will only do so after doing our best to arrange additional hunting time either as an extension of the first hunt or as a separate hunt.  We want you to go home happy and successful!


All hunts are fully guided. Firearms hunts are conducted from fully enclosed, elevated, insulated tower blinds. There are two rifle blinds at each hunting location so wind direction is rarely a problem. Shots average about 100 yards and we have excellent shooting rests. We can accommodate two hunters on management buck hunts and one hunter on premium and trophy buck hunts. We don’t do any drive around or walking hunts. We hunt in the morning and evening. Weather conditions rarely prevent us from having a successful hunt. The guide determines which deer can be harvested.


Our hunting locations are also set up for archery hunters, with a fully enclosed, elevated archery blind at each site. Archery shots average 20-30 yards. A lot of deer come to our hunting locations so archery hunters have to be very careful about scent, noise, and movement….much more so than on ranches where the deer density is lower. Our hunting locations offer excellent opportunities for experienced hunters to harvest bucks of a quality that is rarely seen on most ranches. We have archery targets for both field point and broadhead practice on the ranch. We have over 35 years experience with archery hunting ourselves so we know what’s needed for success.

Youth/New Hunters

Almost every year we have parents who bring young hunters. We do everything we can to make these hunting experiences memorable for all and successful. We have had a lot of experience hunting with young/new hunters and our hunting locations are set up with them in mind. Shots average 100 yards from excellent rests. Our hunting blinds will comfortably accommodate a hunter, guide, and an observer. The parent can look right over the youth’s shoulder as the shot develops. We pride ourselves on being “young hunter friendly.”

Deer Harvest

We normally harvest about 5-10 whitetail deer/year. This is comprised of 1-2 trophy/premium bucks (over 130 gross B&C), 2-3 management bucks (under 130 gross B&C), and 2-5 doe.   Every season since our high fenced hunting operation began we have had bucks on the ranch that score high enough to qualify for the Texas Big Game Awards program. Most of our doe and sub-management bucks are taken as second or third deer by our buck hunters so we do not schedule these hunts.

Wounded Deer

All wounded deer will be considered harvested whether they are recovered or not. We are very successful in finding wounded deer….but not perfect. We always discuss what shots a hunter is comfortable with and strongly recommend passing on those that the hunters feel they are in doubt about. It’s our job to get you a good shot….not just a shot!

Game Processing

We will field dress and wash your deer at the ranch. If you want it skinned and quartered, we will handle that also if you bring an ice chest. Additionally, if you want a buck caped (hide taken off the skull), we will do that also. We want to make your transport as hassle free as possible. There is no charge for these services. If you want the animal processed, there is an excellent processing facility in Junction.

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