2024/2025 Season Pricing


Guide Fee

Our daily guide fee is $250 on rifle hunts and $350 on archery hunts. This fee is waived if a deer is harvested and it is harvested during the regular hunt time.  All hunts require a deposit as shown under “Pricing Categories”. Deposits are usually not refundable. Deposits may be refundable if another hunter can be booked during the same hunting days that hunting season and for the same class of deer.


Pricing Categories (Rifle Hunts)

We price our whitetails based on what we think their gross Boone and Crockett score will be. We harvest the following classes of deer on the ranch (see “Our Deer Herd”):Big buck on Berniard Ranch, Junction, TX.

  • Trophy Bucks – usually 6 ½ years old or older grossing 140 or higher B&C……four day hunt…..$1,000 deposit
  • Premium Bucks – generally 5 ½ -6 ½ years old grossing 130-139 B&C…..three day hunt……$750 deposit
  • Management Bucks – generally 3 ½ - 4 ½ years old grossing up to 129 B&C…. two day hunt……$500 deposit
  • Sub-management Bucks – usually bucks with inferior antlers because of injury or other factors.

Please call us for hunt duration and deposits for archery hunts.


Pricing Methods

Through the years we have found no method of pricing that is judged fair by all hunters. Some prefer a fixed price and others only want to pay for the exact quality animal they harvest. So prior to your hunt we’ll let you decide how you want your deer priced.

The deer, at the hunter’s discretion, can be priced in either of two ways:

  • Fixed Price…..the guide indicates a fixed price for the animal under consideration (he bases this on his perception of the gross B&C score and the cost table shown below)
  • Variable Price……the deer is measured after harvest and the price set based on the table below.

On average, the two methods will give similar results. On any given deer they can differ…by possibly as much as 5- 10 inches (either way). We are very good at estimating what a deer will score and measuring a harvested deer for gross B&C score. But accuracy in judging a live deer is based on how long you see the deer, how many times you’ve seen him, and how he looks in relation to other deer around him. Thus, a lone deer, seen briefly, for the first time is a challenge for even experienced scorers.

Pricing Table

Gross B&C Score


Less than 110 $1500
110-125 $2000
126-159 $2000 plus $100/inch above 125
160+ Priced upon request
Sub-management bucks $700
Does $125
Fallow Deer Priced upon request

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